Kamis, 29 September 2016

So, i've been thinking about Yukari's voice should be like. I really need someone to help me for some reason. 

Since Yukari is a nice, cool, tomboyish, lazy (but smart), introvert, and cute.. I really need a person who has a perfect voice for her. Like cool and tomboyish, but cute on the otherside. Kinda be like, Haruka Tomatsu, Yuzuki Tsubaki, Mai Nakahara, Aya Endou, Eir Aoi, Miho Miyazaki, Hisako Kanemoto or Luna Haruna for some reason.

So, anyone wanna volunteer? 

Rabu, 28 September 2016

About Yukari

So this is the info about Yukari-chan.. Here it is~

Yukari has long hime cut black hair. Her eyes were also black. She was the shortest and second lightest in her class. Her skin was pale as a corpse. Yukari's lips are red since she was born. She always looks like she's bored, although sometimes not. Her eyes are usually half opened. Judging by her looks, she is very frail, young and beautiful.

Yukari is described as being gentle at heart and an understanding person. Despite being a mature girl, she is sometimes rude without realizing it, just like the most of her classmates.

She might look like a mean, bored looking person. But once you know her, she is actually a nice person. She is very graceful, elegant, and very charismatic. In tomboyish way.

She is generally a playful and easygoing girl. She’s very kind and always lets people see her homework. She's also popular among girls because of her down-to-earth, charismatic, and loving personality. She lives for the enjoyment of life and always looks for fun. She sometimes spacing out.

She is actually a quiet and introverted person, sometimes prefers lives in her own world and stays quiet and shown to be very humble. She is very lazy and loves to goof off, but sometimes can shown to be serious, despite being the chief of the student council. She is very relaxed and always knows to calm herself and the others down.

Yukari is also a person that has a weak body and gets tired easily. Her friends always tell her to take a break after a long, energy using activity, since she's got a light anemia. 

Despite being lazy, she never study at home (but if she has to, she’ll do it for 10 minutes) and sometimes listens to what the teacher says. But she always got good grades and if someone asks her secret, she’ll always say that she’s doing it by luck.

She usually borrows people’s textbooks for the reason she has a student council meeting or she is being lazy to write that time and she’ll do it at home.  She sometimes helps her mother doing house chores.

She is also known to be old fashioned and traditional sometimes, but she is not a Yamato Nadeshiko type of person. For example, most of her friends use mechanical pencil, while Yukari is the only one who uses a wooden pencil. 

She knows her family's history and knows a lot about Japanese traditions. She also knows how to use kimono and sometimes assists her friends to use them. She loves writing Japanese calligraphy, and she sometimes says “Oh, Moriya...”, when feeling troubled.

Did you know?
1.That Yukari laughs like a baby
2. She can play sports
3. She kept cute looking Maneki-Nekos in different colors. Like white, black, blue, pink, and green
4. Her lips naturally looks really red and wet. Like the lips of the young virgin girls, since she never kiss on her lips for 13 years. When she uses lipstick, it doesn't affect much to her lips. If she uses pink liquid lipstick, her lips doesn't take all the color, so the lipstick doesn't absorb well.


菫色月の下で ~ 静かに、着実に、気味悪く、人間の精神は神隠し, 大阪風キャッスルヴァニア (Under the violet moon ~ silently, steadily, creepily, human spirit spirited away)

偉大皇后さまの為の楽団 ~ 大阪風キャッスルヴァニア (Orchestra for the Great Empress ~ Osaka styled Castlevania)

Minggu, 18 September 2016

Uh well.. I don't really have much to say, really XD;... but this since this blog is new, then its should be kinda empty. Uh let's see here *thinks*

Coming Soon:
Art (either walfas, hand made, fan art, etc.)
And Fanfics~!
Oh! And also Voice Dramas (You know... :v) 

Right now I'm working on drawing more pictures of Yukari-chan, such as Walfas, Hand-made, etc.But there's lots of things I really wanna make Yukari popular like boom C:! I hope that she can be popular like i wished for... :)

Jumat, 16 September 2016

The homepage is done! Finally~!

So, finally I made it ^^
and I'll list down her every single art from now on :V

I draw this with heathens ringing from my phone

I don't know why i can make her this cute *nosebleeds*

This photo was made by my underclassmen, Yasmin

This also made by Yasmin-chan :v

And here is the hand made background i made at school.
Tried to make it as cool as possible, but ended up like this :v

The example of Yukari's room, found it from google
Castlevania Yukari?